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Bad Sex

Director, Dramaturg

An young actor comes to terms with his family trauma and addictions, in a funny and heartbreaking one hander.


Writer & Performer

Theo Hristov

Director & Dramaturg

Neta Gracewell

"At one point she does this thing, right?

Where she gives this look, right?

And - she literally encapsulates the whole fucking play in a look.

That’s how good she is.

I wanna be inside her.

But it’s not her body I’m attracted to.

It’s her talent."

Loosely based on real events, Bad Sex follows a young man trying to piece his life together in between fielding calls from his agent and leaving a string of one-night stands in his wake. With no family in sight to keep him grounded, he navigates the promising acting career he may have ruined, the coke habit he can’t afford, and the chaotic sex life he no longer enjoys.
In Bad Sex Liam, a young American actor, is deep into a long West End run when, exacerbated by drugs, sex and alcohol, past trauma and unchecked male privilege catch up with him and he walks off-stage mid-show.
This is a play about grief, the mental health consequences of not talking about it, especially in a high-pressure working environment, and being raised in a culture where seeking help is actively discouraged.

Presented at:

A Pinch of VAULT Festival 2023, The Glitch, London (2023)

Bad Sex was presented as a work in progress, following a short R&D.

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