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Hey there – Neta here!

An observer, listener, and creator of things.


I’m a multidisciplinary artist, trained in drama and education.

Theatre & performance are my primary tools of expression.

To be honest, I hate to put my practice in a box, but here’s to what is an honest attempt:

●  My company Junction Theatre celebrates migrant artists and narratives.

●  I direct -- perform -- dramaturg -- devise -- produce -- and anything in between!

●  I make art in the public realm, installations and politically responsive work,

both individually and as part of [per]mission to Play collective.

  Deeply connected to movement of all kinds - dance, contact improvisation, yoga.

●   Singing, voice and languages - great loves that I'm currently nurturing more.

  A studio filled with creators is my natural habitat - take me there!

  An experienced teacher and facilitator at heart, I lead workshops and teach drama.

  A cultural practitioner and initiator, I work relentlessly to build and support the migrant creative community.

I make things happen.

You’re invited to check my website for examples of my artistic work, or my CV for the sort-of full list. And of course - drop me a line and say hi :)​

I am many things. We all are. Empathy is Key.


"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been"

- Diane Arbus

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